Capturing light, feeling, authentic moments... while creating ever-lasting & meaningful connection.

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Aletta & Carter

Kensey was so amazing to work with! She made me feel confident while we were shooting and was so accommodating! I would recommend her 1,000 times over!

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Kaitlyn & Bryce

"Kensey did such a great job making us feel comfortable... if you feel awkward behind a camera, THIS IS YOUR GIRL!!!

It was a fun experience that captured our relationship perfectly
highly recommend her!"

Mid-Michigan Photographer

Meet Kensey Parker


nursing student, dreamer, wedding day storyteller, authentic portrait artist

intentional storytelling

for everyone.

Your wedding, couple and portrait photographer.

I'm here to bring your vision to life; my mission is to deliver timeless, beautiful photos.

Photos that you feel confident in... photos that make your heart swell with joy each time you look back on them...

photos that take you to a special place where good memories were made.

Life is about being able to enjoy the precious moments;

and being able to remember those moments forever is one the best investments you can make for yourself.

documenting the beautiful, candid
in-between moments

the best memories; for a lifetime.

golden. earthy. euphoric.

"“Photography is by nature a documentary art.”"

– August Sander