What is Boudoir?

Creative grace studio, Bay city Michigan

Boudoir (boo-dwaar)

Boudoir is the art of capturing oneself in an intimate light.

Booking a professional boudoir session with yours truly is a perfect opportunity to boost your confidence, have fun & let loose. What're you waiting for?

Treat yourself to a boudoir shoot with $75 off when you book with a friend.

So ladies, grab your fave fit, whether it be your man's flannel, your sexy two-piece, or your birthday suit. I'm here for ALL. OF. IT.


Regain confidence in yourself with a self-love photoshoot. Boudoir is all about seeing the beauty in oneself, embracing every inch of your body & rocking it. All flaws are welcome here.

Worried or feeling like you might be too insecure to book a boudoir session? LET ME HELP YOU!

I am able to help with posing, encouragement and I will be right by your side every step of the way throughout the entire shooting process!

P.S your photos can remain totally private if you wish.