Welcome to the Sunrise Side

Tawas Point State Park

(686 Tawas Beach Rd, East Tawas, MI)

Amber & Cole's beautiful beach engagement at The Point.

East Tawas and surrounding areas such as Turtle Road Bike Trail, Champagne Hill, and Lumberman's Monument... are remarkable places to visit and for beautiful photo-ops.

Although, my personal favorite is Tawas Point State Park. Are you curious about my top 3 reasons why "The Point" is one of my go-to locations for Michigan beach engagement sessions?

Reason 01. - the amenities!

With plenty of parking space, the grounds also have a large, centrally-located building that functions as a bathroom, changing space, and an enclosed sitting area (which is always great if the weather turns sour!).

There are plenty of walking trails, and the park is surrounded by water on both east and west sides; which provides beach-goers with the option to opt to a different side if the wind is proving to be a bit too strong.

Reason 02. - the scenery!

The SCENERY! I'm the kind of girly who loves earthy tones when it comes to discerning between choosing a location for your Michigan beach engagement session! The lush greens, sugar sand beach, elegant birch trees... not to mention the beautiful opportunity to watch the light dance over Lake Huron as the sun sets in the west.

The beautiful sandy beach at Tawas Point State Park features an abundance of luscious Michigan beach grass. Let's be real; it's giving Nicholas Sparks vibes and I am here for it.

Reason 03. - the aesthetic appeal!

When it comes to locations that accentuate my shooting & editing style I find that open landscapes with plenty of neutral backgrounds, earthy tones and scenes with great views of the sunset (or sunrise, we LOVE both!).

About This Session

Springtime arrived just in time for Amber & Cole's couples session - the flora and fauna were in full bloom!

The air was warm, and we enjoyed walking the park in 70-degree weather.

We began our session an hour before sunset, and we were bathed in an overcast sky that ended with a glorious sunset.

Tawas Point State Park is one of the top beach locations that I have in my artillery for when it comes to planning simple, but romantic sessions.